How we have stayed safe

We have stayed safe by complying with all Government Guidance and by the team working incredibly hard to keep themselves and the children safe. We were proud of the team when they choose to work looking after the children of keyworkers at the height of the pandemic. As we write this in October 2021 we are still testing regularly. Yes, most of us have been vaccinated but the virus is still here, and it looks like it will unfortunately be with us for a while yet.

Why we are well suited to complying with Govt guidance?

Forest School works best in small numbers, and we have always arranged the children in small group sizes. Therefore, when the pandemic struck, we were ideally placed to comply with Government Guidance without having to make too many changes which might unsettle the children. Things such as regular handwashing have always been part of our routine. In addition, we do of course spend as much time as possible outdoors, which means that we were hardly affected and could continue to provide our normal level of service. It’s worth noting that historically we have enjoyed very low sickness rates amongst staff and children.

What’s changed at Diggers as a result of the pandemic?

Very little has changed at Diggers. Parents no longer come into the garden or school at drop off and as a general rule, we all (staff and parents) view this as a positive. We have introduced Home Link books as a new way of communicating instead of chatting by the gate at hand-over, which have proved to be very popular. We have had to stop using Hungry Monsters as our caterers. Instead, the children bring in packed lunches. Lunches from home have proved a big hit as we have the freedom to take our lunches with us rather than return to the school, plus there is greater flexibility as we no longer have to keep an eye on the clock and interrupt play as we approach lunchtime.

Here are a few kind and complimentary words that we have received from our parents during the pandemic:

As you well know I am loving post lockdown Diggers and just can’t fault you on the measures you have taken or the communication you are managing under more difficult circumstances

We are loving everything you have put in place post Covid and fully support how you are moving forward in the future.

Thanks for all the extra hard work the staff have been doping over the past few months, it is all much appreciated.

Thanks for your email and for your continued hard work. Our child loves the new normal. It’s amazing how much she’s developed since being back! Thank you

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